PHB Series Crush Herbal Grinder

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PHB Series Crush Grinder

PHB Series presents the Crush - a USA-Designed, high quality grinder. 



PHB Series Crush

Utilizing  high grade, durable aluminum and using state of the art innovation and precision to provide you a grinder that works efficiently, is made to last and will grind your herbs to your hearts content with ease. 

PHB Series Crush Grinder Dimensions

The PHB Series Crush Grinder is the perfect size for most any grinding, measuring 2 1/4" in height and a 2 1/4" diameter.

PHB Series Crush Magnets

The PHB Series Crush uses neodymium, a rare earth magnet that provides a strong closure on the lid.

 Quarter Turn Precision PHB Series Crush Grinder

With most common grinders you find yourself unscrewing and unscrewing to get into the various compartments.  With the PHB Series Crush you can unlock with only a quarter turn 


Ordinary grinders also center around destroying your herbs into little pieces yet they can make the grinds dense and progressively hard to combust. The Crush's teeth are strong, sharp and engineered to both slice and cushion your herbs to create an ideal, fluffy heap of herb that will give you an ultimately better end result.



Easy to open with just a quarter turn. 

Quarter Turn Precision Threading

Smooth Rounded Countor Catch Chamber

Comes with a little scrapper

Radial Blade System for Supreme shredding.  Cuts one way and then fluffs the cut when you grind the other way

Blade layout provides for a larger loading capacity.


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