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PHB Series is more than just a company.  It is a gateway for a collective number of companies that are giving us bottom rate pricing in order to move their product.  By offering us prices lower than anyone else, we're able to beat any ones price and given the right opportunity one such as you could benefit greatly by simply making the right connections. 

PHB Series Shipping WarehouseWe're stocked and capable of moving thousands of bottles of juice daily and other vape products.  We're one of the largest vape wholesale and distributing companies and we're looking to expand our reach.  This is where you've come in.  You about to walk into an opportunity where we've already done the hard work by providing you with amazing rates, awesome product and all you have to do is make the right connections,
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Using social media, cold calling and even going to local vape shops around your area we can reach into new markets and grow into something huge. 




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