PHB Series 510 Drip Tips - 8 Pack in Clear Display Case

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PHB Series Drip

PHB Series 510  Drip Tips will bring a whole new look to your vaping device.

   These Imported Exotic Resin drip tips are strong.  Crafted made with high quality resins,

and featuring a unique pattern sure to enhance the look of you favorite 510 compatible tank. 


 PHB Series Drip


PHB Series Drip - Quality 510 and 810 Drip Tips



Beautifully crafted using a blend of delrin, acrylic, epoxy, and resinous materials and each PHB Series Drip Tip

uses a unique colorway and patterning process that creates each tip individually and uniquely to achieve a very polished

and eccentric look so that no two drip tips are the same.  

 PHB Series Drip Tips come in a nice display case

PHB Series 510 Drip Tip Features

 PHB Series 510 Drip Tips

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